1. Sleep! No one enjoys waking up at the crack of dawn just so they can squeeze a few hours of extra editing into their day. Just think about all that time you could be spending resting up, especially after a hectic weekend of weddings.

2. Microwave meals are quick and easy but do we really enjoy them? Your newfound freedom will allow you to get stuck into some real home-cooked food.

3. Pack your bags, go and explore. Wether somewhere close to home or the other side of the world, you can do it all hassle free, when you choose to outsource.

4. Or, you know you could just take some time out, sit down, have a break and do nothing. Embrace your inner couch potato.

5. You’re three all-nighters in, swamped in edits and you’re starting to get a bit iffy. Go and scrub off those troubles in a nice, relaxing bath.

6. Neglected man’s best friend? Spend some quality time with your pooch, take them for a walk! If you have one of course.

7. Let your hair down! Get your glad rags on, polish your shoes and pop the champers – no editing worries for you this week!

8. Hangovers not really your thing? Go shopping and let retail therapy embrace you. Utilise your new free time to go and spend some of that hard earned money of yours. Treat yo’ self.

9. Need to release some pent up negative energy? Why not try out some new sports or go to the Gym. Exercise is the best stress reliever out there!

10. Just being fabulous. How can you be your best self when you’re constantly bogged down with editing?!