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Meet Ben.

Photographer, Educator & Podcast Host
Freedom Edits stood out from the myriad of editing solutions for a few key reasons: We at Style & Story (meet the other half of Style & Story, Ben Adams!) are a little “extra” we require a bit more hand-holding and personal touch. One of the biggest deal-breakers and ultimately what lead us to Freedom Edits was the ability for us to have an actual video call with the person who was editing our images. Not just email back and forth with a support rep who would relay the message.
“Freedom Edits has done wonders for us”
They really are ridiculously fun humans. Let’s be real, Bulk editing is a drag. It is boring, and spending money on it is not fun. But somehow, I seem to enjoy every touchpoint that I have with Freedom Edits. This makes a huge difference to me.
“Drink a beer and enjoy a movie. Life is too short to be bulk editing shitty pictures.”

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