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2:45 – How did Freedom Edits get its start / how did Jake and Ryan meet?
9:03 – How did a trust form with your clients having both started a company at a young age?
11:29 – How did you scale your business?
14:12 – What’s the first step one should take in scaling their business?
17:50 – How did the idea of Freedom Edits come to be?
20:22 – What were the first steps you took to create Freedom Edits and what were you looking for in an editing company that you didn’t see in others?
23:09 – What are some of the problems you were trying to solve with Freedom Edits?
27:58 – What is the process when working with Freedom Edits?
30:03 – How much about client experience had you learned along the way versus what you already knew you wanted to incorporate into your business?
35:22 – What are the biggest hang-ups people face when outsourcing (ex. image editing)?
39:54 – When someone outsources a wedding to Freedom Edits, how much time are they saving?

“We really want to be as invested in your business and your growth as you are, so having that initial time to get to know you and your business and where you want to be—while obviously getting to know your editing style—is hugely important to us.”

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