Build the emotional connection.

Remember that every bride and groom wants an album even if they’re yet to admit it.

Albums are an heirloom that are passed through generations of your family. Without an album to hold and adore, there’s no physical documentation of the wedding day. Long after the wedding flowers have died, the dress has been boxed up and forgotten about in the back of the wardrobe, the album remains as the one constant that reminds a couple of one of the most precious and meaningful days in their lives. 100 years on the album will still be an ever present, preserving memories and telling part of a family’s story.

This is the type of language that needs to be adopted when talking about your albums. Building the emotional connection a bride and groom have with the idea of a photo album, straight from the outset, is imperative to the success of its sale. By selling an heirloom and not just a product, you’re adding value to your albums and making you clients understand the importance of budgeting for them.

Increase the presence of your albums.

To ensure your couples are aware of the albums you sell and get them beginning to start imagining owning one, drop hints that you sell albums right from the get go. Your site should have space dedicated to showing off the beautiful products you sell. Don’t limit yourself to just text and images though. Internet users today expect the quick delivery of information through videos. Make a video that shows you browsing your products, stopping to detail their many qualities. This video could even include customer testimonials where previous brides and grooms speak of how much joy their album has brought to their lives. With this video embedded on your site and even the footer of your emails, this will plant a seed in the back of your client’s minds – if they realise it or not, it will create the sense that purchasing an album after their wedding is the norm, the given, and simply part of the process.

Create an album that every bride and groom wants.

These days there are so many free apps and programmes for brides and grooms to create their own albums. However we all know the quality we as photographers create is far better than what the client can ever buy. Sell your album for what it is. It is a family heirloom. It’s a piece of history. This is an aspirational product that every bride and groom needs. To help concentrate your client’s minds on purchasing an album, make your product range look streamlined. I personally sell just 3 sizes of albums. I don’t get bogged down by offering a baffling multitude of options. A simple sale is often a successful one. By providing a small selection of linen and leather colours, as well as a single acrylic and metal cover option, my couples are more likely to quickly feel drawn to the design which they desire most. This will help to avoid clouding their minds and encourage the impulse purchase.

Make the buying process simple and easy.

This continues on from the last point, but if buying the album is too hard a process, labour intensive or confusing, a bride or groom would rather go without. If the options are too complicated or if the ordering process tedious, from the client’s point of view they may think it isn’t worth the hassle. You need to consider every stage of your album purchasing process and ensure it’s set up in a way in which a purchase, whether impulsive or considered, is a speedy and enjoyable experience.

Log your clients interests and preferences.

When your clients meet with you for the first time, talk about the albums you offer. Even make notes at this point on what they’ve shown interest in and show them these interests again when they come in to chat through their final details a few weeks before the wedding day. We use our studio management software to add notes to a client’s profile such as ‘bride loved the acrylic album covers’. This gives you a starting point and some direction during the after sales process. Give it a try! By fixing an image of a specific album in the minds of your clients (a personalised album with their names embossed on the front and their images inside) they’re going to be so excited about the prospect of owning it. So much so that the price, which at this point hasn’t even been discussed, isn’t going to be as much of a sticking point. When you’re saying goodbye on the wedding night they’re going to be telling you just how much they’re looking forward to receiving the album of their dreams. Remember, plant that seed from the start.

Fall in love with your albums.

Falling in love with your products is a basic principle of selling. If you love and believe in what you offer then your clients will much more likely share your passion. Why give your clients photos on a disk or USB to throw in the drawer amongst all their random items when you can hand them a high quality, gorgeous book of precious memories that they can keep forever. Having a personalised leather bound book to keep on your coffee table and flip through with family and friends provides much more of a sense of occasion. Giving your clients an album allows them to feature in their own fairy tale.

Sell the lifestyle.

Without exception, every couple wants the same result. They want lasting memories of the big day they spent so much time, energy, emotion and not to mention money on. They want the perfect means of preserving this day to relive it time and time again. What we became very good at was educating our clients in the belief that the best way of doing this was with the purchase of an album. We also educated our clients to understand that placing an order for their album was the natural conclusion to their perfect wedding journey. Make your clients imagine themselves in 25 years to come, sat with their children and flicking through their wedding album on their golden wedding anniversary. Sometime we need to not just sell the qualities of the product itself, but also its purpose and place in their lives. Accordingly we created a base album that we describe as a ‘coffee table’ book. We did this because a lot of couples used to say they couldn’t imagine themselves getting any use from the album – they said they wouldn’t know what to do with it and that they’ll likely throw in the drawer. However by renaming this basic album as a coffee table product, we created a lifestyle to go alongside it. The couples then began to imagine this leather book as a staple object on their coffee table, ever present to show off to family and friends. Essentially they could picture their life with our product in it.

Order those samples!

We firmly believe that to sell someone a luxury product, they need a tangible experience with the item before they decide to buy it. Would you buy a luxury car from somebody who merely described it to you? The answer is no. Instead you’re going to want to see how it drives. You want to smell the leather interior and hear the engine. In the case of a photo albums, clients need to feel the texture of the its leather cover, see the quality of its pages and feel its weight in their hands. By exposing your couples to your sample albums at every opportunity, they’re able to appreciate the hype and significance you’ve placed on them. Also what people love about a luxury purchase isn’t just the purchase itself, but also the experience of the whole buying process. Rather than buying into a description of a product, samples allow your clients to enjoy weighing up their different options and design an outcome that feels more personal to them.


Bonus tip:

Parent albums are an underutilises up-sell. They offer you the ability to make a no-brainer offer to your couples. Your client is investing hundreds or thousands in their main album so to add two smaller duplicates at a relatively small additional cost is really easy win for you.


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