As some of you may have read in previous posts and editorials, I often like to point out that making the decision to outsource my editing was a real turning point for my Photography business. Being able to find just that little bit of extra time in your working week can open up a whole world of possibilities that many Photographers believe are simply out of reach.

This is where the inspiration behind Freedom Edits stems from. Having used many different services and realising the potential they can harness for Wedding Photographers particularly; I, along with my business partner Jacob McCarthy began work on an outsourcing solution that was built from the ground up, by Photographers, for Photographers.

Why We’re Different

Freedom Edits was forged around one key focal point, deliver an impeccable, reliable, custom-tailored service without any loss of quality. From the outset we endeavoured to tackle many key issues in which other outsourcing solutions fell flat:


Editing, Tailored To You.

Your brand represents everything you stand for as a Wedding Photographer. We know more than anyone that outsourcing your photos can at first, be a quite a scary thing. The team at Freedom Edits are well aware that it’s important for you to keep your brand identity in all of the work you produce, wether it’s through us or just by yourself at home.

The importance of building real connection with our customers and fellow Wedding Photographers is a driving force behind everything we do. From the outset, we get to know you and your work processes within Lightroom. During the consultation with your personal Freedom Edits team leader, we ask you to edit a couple of images as you usually would whilst we analyse every bit your process, asking questions and taking notes throughout.

This information is imperative to us when it comes to editing your work and allows us to consistently and reliably deliver incredible final edits, tailored just how you like them.


Perfect Results, Every Time.

When I first started to outsource my photography work, one recurring issue that kept on cropping up were basic consistency errors when it came to processes such as designing Wedding Albums.

Often it felt like I was on a completely different page to whoever was editing my work, for example, a set of images would be shot in the same location and the tones from image to image would be completely different. There was no way I could resolve issues like this other than manually tinkering around with the album in Photoshop after I had received my work back from the company.

Problems like this undermine the whole concept of outsourcing, images are often put together in such a way in order to portray a narrative that is maintained throughout the final product.

Working with Freedom Edits eliminated situations such as this due to our high level of personal care with each and every client we work with. We communicate, learn and grow with you as a business and as a person; with each every order and design request you send to us, to a point where we don’t just become a tool for you to use, we become a friend to rely on.

Always On Hand.

As Photographers ourselves we know the importance of keeping clients happy. That’s why Freedom Edits offers lightning fast turnaround times on every order.

Track and view current orders via the Freedom Dashboard and always stay in the loop. No more stressing over wether you will receive the images back in time, just total peace of mind for you and your clients.

What’s more, we’re always on hand when you need us, with 24/7 global support. We have Freedom Edits staff from the UK to Australia so there’s always someone happy and waiting to assist you with any problems you may have.