Image & Video Outsourcing
For Fast Growing

The most ambitious companies design fulfilment around consistency & efficiency. Freedom Edits acts as a proven set of tools to build your business and scale your studio brand.


Built For Brands.

A Complete Toolkit For Associate Brands.

If you’re an associate brand looking to elevate your businesses consistency, capacity and efficiency, we’re here to help. We’ve curated services that perfectly compliment each other for established and growing businesses.

Our aim is to provide you with a full range of services and systems to manage your whole post production workflow from beginning to end and everything in between.

We have worked with some of the largest associate wedding photography brands in the world, solving various issues from reducing their monthly staff costs through to lowering their complaints by creating a new dynamic edit ‘feel’ and providing it consistently.

We treat all of our clients with the utmost confidentiality.

Always Improving

At Freedom we’re always looking for ways to improve our already praised service. Your dedicated account handler is consistently working to deliver an experience that is personal, efficient and easy. From culling to delivery, outsourcing through Freedom is simple.

Global Scale

We help tonnes of businesses across multiple countries and across nearly every genre of photography. From our offices in the UK, Freedom works to help transform how modern photography businesses are run.

Grow Faster

We have a proven strategy for streamlining a post production process but can easily tweak and merge it into any existing workflow if needed.

Over the years we have helped businesses in so many ways. We have saved one client over $320,000 on their annual staffing costs, whilst helping another reduce their complaint rates from 14% to 0.25%.

Why Trust Freedom?

Freedom was built by photographers for photographers, to provide a personal end to end service with maximum consistency.

What makes us different?

Built by Photographers for Photographers, Freedoms services have been custom developed around clients actual wants and needs. There’s no more settling, or no more changing your processes because it’s ‘convenient’ for the other party. Every aspect of Freedom, from our dedicated account handlers, right through to our payment processes are simple and flexible. Don’t just take our word for it, see what other people say!

We’re The Better Answer

Companies of all sizes face the question of whether to hire an in house editor or outsource to a faceless brand. Freedom gives you the better option. With a dedicated account handler, quick turnarounds, transparent pricing and a scaleable team, why settle?

Transfer & Organisation





Custom built server for your files
Easy access portal
Individual log in’s for associates


Custom database with real-time order tracking & Management
Managed by a dedicated account handler
Customer support via telephone, email, live chat and skype


No paying per job
Monthly Contract
One easy automated payment per month


Cull an unlimited amount of images per event


Categorise images into segments E.g. Preparations, ceremony etc
Sequencing E.g. organise 1st and 2nd shooters images in chronological order

Basic Image Editing

All Lightroom Global Adjustments
Application Of Preset
Light Crop

Advanced Image Editing

All of Basic Service
All of Lightroom Local Adjustment tools

Photoshop Work

Product Images
Clipping Paths
Fashion & People

Video Editing

Full workflow management
Colour correction
Any Length video

File Delivery

Upload to client proofing gallery
Export as Jpeg
Upload to Server

Whatever your style, we’ve got this.

Whether you’re brand style is bright and airy or darker and more filmic, we’ve got you covered. Here at Freedom, we have no style, our style is your style!

Image Editing partner to thousands of photographers worldwide.