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Say goodbye to FAM credits and having to select which edits to outsource and hello to unlimited creative freedom with unlimited edits and project types.

Unlimited Edits

Per Project
No credit limits, just unlimited edits! Submit any video order, from teasers and highlights to documentaries, and we’ll deliver them all – at no extra cost to you. Limited to 52 projects a year.

Project Types

With the flexibility to submit up to 52 projects per year, you now have the freedom to pursue passion projects or expand your film packages without any risk or investment.

  • Any Event/Session Genre
  • Expand Your Package Offerings
  • Zero Risk, All Reward
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Unlimited Revisions

Refuse to settle for “it’s good enough” – leverage our unlimited revisions and the robust FrameIO platform to make requesting revisions easier than ever before.
  • We’ll work with you to get every edit perfect!
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Freedom Unlimited

Why is unlimited the way to go?

Scale with Ease
Upsell your packages confidently, knowing unlimited edits accommodate your growing needs.
Multiple Edits Per Event
Forget the stress of per-edit costs! With the Unlimited Plan select as many lengths and edits you need per project.
Huge Savings
With an average project cost of less than $300, each booked event now delivers you larger profits!
Edit Type
1 Minute Highlight
5 Minute Highlight
Ceremony & Speeches
Feature Film
A La Carte
Unlimited Plan
All Included + MORE for $995/per month
  • The Unlimited Plan is less than just one A La Carte order!
  • PRO TIP: Never run out of social media content again by ordering a 60-second teaser with every order!
Unlimited Plan Includes:
  • Unlimited Edits Per Project
  • Unlimited Project Types
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Ways to Profit More!
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Videographers Love Us!

Love Is All You Need Photography
Love love love! Awesome job! I teared up so many times. I feel like you really incorporated so many important moments and put it all together beautifully.
This Is Feeling Photo and Video
Holy smokes – y’all NAILED it – honestly…Rhys – it’s perfect. I’m so happy with the edits. The timing, the speed ramping, cadence, beat matching, the choice of vows, etc – good job
Mitch & Rachel Visuals
Love it! Specifically loved the little touches like keeping the audio of the bridal party cheering. Thank you for all your hard work with all the revisions we gave you. The bride and groom are going to be really excited!

Why Do Filmmakers Choose Us?

We Cater to All Specialties
Whether you’re a branding videographer creating social content, a podcast producer crafting engaging audio, or a multi-talented creator capturing weddings and beyond, we have the expertise to edit your footage to the exact style and vision you desire.
Fast Turnaround Times
With our 15 working day turnaround time, you can quickly deliver exceptional films to your clients, allowing you to provide an incredible client experience. In turn, they become valuable referral sources for your business.
Dedicated Account Handler
Have questions about a specific edit or need to discuss project details? Reach out to your dedicated Account Manager via phone or email. With us, you get one-on-one support from someone who knows your work, not generic customer service channels.

How to get started

After creating an account, check your inbox for login details to the portal. Once logged in, complete our Style Profile Builder form to share your editing style and storytelling approach through film.
Place Order
In the Client Portal, fill out the order form. Upload your footage or share a link from Dropbox/Google Drive. Our editors are ready to bring your unique storytelling style to life using the insights gained from your Style Profile.
Sit back, relax, and let us work our magic. Within just 20 working days, we’ll send you the first draft of your video for review. During this learning phase, we carefully match you with the perfect editor for your project.


Wanna Chat More? Let’s Talk!
What are the limitations?
  • rLimited to 52 events per year , however a project/event can consist of unlimited edited films..
  • rEnjoy standard turnaround time on up to 5 orders per month. Additional orders within that month may experience a 10-day processing delay.
  • r12 Month Contract
How many edits can I have per event?
Unlimited! This includes creating highlight films of various lengths, social media teasers, documentaries, or any combination you need to deliver the perfect final product for your client.
What is considered a project/event?
An event or as we call it a project is one event that took place on the same day with the same subjects.

Here are some examples of one project:

  • Sally and Evan’s Wedding Day
  • Podcast Interview with Joe
  • Tricia’s Boudoir Shoot

Here are some examples of what wouldn’t be considered a single event:

  • Sally and Evan’s Engagement Shoot, Rehearsal Dinner, and Wedding. These would be considered 3 separate events/projects.
  • Two separate podcast interviews on the same day (e.g., with Joe and Mark):Each interview would be considered a separate event.
  • The other Boudoir shoots you did the same day as Tricia.
Is there a maximum number of projects/events I can place?
Yes, the plan allows for a maximum of 52 edited projects per year. If you need to edit more than 52 projects, please contact us to discuss custom pricing options.
Is there a maximum number of events I can submit per month?
There is no hard limit on the number of events you can submit per month. However, if you submit more than 5 orders in a single month, there will be a delay of 10 additional business days on your turnaround time for subsequent orders that month.
Can I share a plan with a friend?
No, the Freedom Edits Unlimited Plan is a single-user subscription. While each account has a unique editing style profile specific to your preferences. However, you can share a referral code with your friend so you both receive bonuses!
How long is the subscription?
The Unlimited Plan is a 12-month subscription. If you don’t find the value you expected within the first 30 days or after completing 3 orders (whichever comes first), you can cancel your subscription with no obligation for the remaining 11 months.
How do I cancel?

To cancel your subscription, please get in touch with your Account Manager. They will be happy to assist you with the process.

Please note:

  • The Freedom Edits Unlimited Plan is a 12-month subscription.
  • If you request to cancel after your trial period and before the 12 months are up, we will calculate a pro-rated cancellation fee based on your usage.
  • A 3-month notice is required for all cancellations. This means you will continue to be charged for your subscription for 3 months after your cancellation request is submitted.
What happens if my client requests additional edits after I've placed my order?
Once an order is submitted, changes or cancellations are not possible.

This is because our editing process begins immediately culling through footage for the required edits. If your client requests additional edits after the order has been started or delivered, the easiest way to address their needs is to submit a new order.

I am an existing customer on a plan, can I switch to the Unlimited plan?

Absolutely! Existing customers can easily upgrade. Just contact our support team hello@findfreedom.io – They’ll verify your eligibility and help you get signed up!

Unlimited Plan
  • Unlimited Edits Per Project
  • Unlimited Project Types
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Upsell Opportunity
Use code: EAZYFLICKS for $300 off
•⁠ ⁠Limited to 52 Projects Per Year
•⁠ ⁠⁠12 Month Contract