For Wedding and Portrait Photographers, outsourcing editing, album design and everything else in between isn’t necessarily a new concept. That’s why the question we’re posing today is why are so many Photographers from all corners of the globe; from Australia to New York choosing the Freedom Edits service over everyone else out there?

Allow us to answer that one.

Having worked tirelessly for years in the wedding photography industry, founders Jake and Ryan have managed to grow a relatively small Wedding Photography business, shooting just a mere twelve weddings in 2013, to an established brand and institution which is now shooting one-hundred and twenty weddings in 2017 alone. Upon reflection they decided to put the results of their rapid growth down to the fact that they chose to harness the power of outsourcing during the early years of their business’ lifespan.

Photo Credit: Mark Barnes Photography

Their vast experience within the Photography industry and with Weddings in particular, allows them to know exactly what kind of service Photographers are looking for. The goal was to create a service that provides the ability to cut down on post-production time, in-turn allowing Photographers more time to concentrate on streamlining and systemising their businesses, right the way through to over-exceeding on product delivery times in order to delight and excite clients, resulting in a more streamlined, stress free and most importantly, profitable after-sales process for Photographers.

Having used countless other image outsourcing companies, they decided quickly that drastic change was needed to the traditional, outdated outsourcing model other services ran with. With many competitors suffering from consistency issues, adaptability and most importantly that basic personal touch to their service that every user needs to feel.

And thus, Freedom Edits was born and alongside it are these five incredible reasons you should join the outsourcing revolution.

Account Handlers

One of our proudest offerings at Freedom Edits are our dedicated Account Handlers. These guys are your own personal superhero, ready to hear from you whenever you need them. Wether it’s via phone, email, Skype or even just on our online chat, they’ll be on hand to assist you with whatever issues you have; resulting in a totally personalised support service that grows with you and your business.

Photo Credit: Mark Barnes Photography

Your first meeting will be via Skype consultation upon your initial sign up. Here, your Account Handler will walk and talk you through how we work here at Freedom Edits and then they’ll begin to take a look at how you edit your images via screen share. This portion is recorded for your own team of three editors to reference to when they work on your images. Each team is fully managed by your Account Handler so their are never any issues with communication.

Whilst we’re on the subject of Editing Teams, that leads us nicely into our next segment.

Your Own Dedicated Team

When it comes to dealing with your images, we take a great deal of care; which is why every Freedom Edits user has their own dedicated team of editors who are the only ones to edit your work, resulting in impeccable consistency.

How do you fancy having the peace of mind that even if one of your team is on holiday, sick or absent your 3-5 turnaround deadline will always be met and the quality of work will not be sacrificed whatsoever?

Or, would you rather take part in the lottery of having your work thrown into a random pool of editors who have no comprehension of your editing style bar a few notes on your account and hoping it comes back how you want it?

The choice is yours.

24/7 Support

Chat to us via, skype, telephone, email, live web chat or homing pigeon and we’ll be have someone available in your area ready and waiting to assist you; we may have lied about the homing pigeons, but you get the idea.

Live in California and have a problem or question? Call us.

Live in Sydney and want to sign up for our album design service? Call us.

Live in Manchester and only want to deal with UK support? Call us.

The point is, wherever you are, at whatever time, with whatever request, Freedom are here for you 24/7.

3-5 Day Turnaround

We pride ourselves on being the most consistent and quickest image outsourcing company in the world and it’s not a title we take lightly.

Freedom Edits’ 3-5 day promise means you’re guaranteed to get your images back within that timeframe; because who honestly enjoys dealing with an unhappy, impatient client? That’s right, no-one.

We’ve kept our promise to 100% of our customers and that’s a fact.

Photo Credit: Mark Barnes Photography

Skype Consultations

Another value that we pride ourselves on is being able to say that we truly do care the most for our clients.

Our Skype consultations are a great way to get you started and allow our dedicated Account Handlers a chance to meet you whilst learning all about your business and future goals.

Once the small talk is finished we dive straight into seeing exactly how you edit your images in a variety of lighting situations, via screen share. This allows your team of editors to get an insight into your post production methods and carry them over to achieve exactly the results you’re after.

Let’s Work Together