It’s hard to know where to start with this post. Jake and I have known each other for well over 5 years now and the idea to start Freedom came whilst we were in the studio discussing how to really push Ryan Welch Photography and what was holding us back. You see the problem was that we were both shooting and editing our own weddings and we were struggling to find time to do the things we knew would push the photography business forward. Before Jake had come onboard I had outsourced my editing previously and used three different companies – one thing that was always lacking was the consistency between weddings, my style was all over the place and like most photographers I wanted to be in control of this.

We’d put in place a structured marketing plan but actually finding time to implement it was proving to be a nightmare. We were chatting about possibly outsourcing again, as the additional time outsource had given me was fundamental in me being able to grow my business from shooting 14-15 weddings a year to upwards of 70 and bringing in another photographer under the brand. However, we were reluctant to do this due to the fact that I’d had consistency problems previously. We were chatting and literally dreaming about a company we could outsource our edits too, but who took a personal interest in our work and the ethos of our own business.

The planning soon began and we quickly realised we could turn this dream into a reality with the workforce we had. Over the next six months we were able to increase our staff to include a web designer, a manager for the Photo Booth company I’d started a few years previously and a film maker. We worked tirelessly to bring in the team that would be able to turn our ideas for an outsourcing company into reality.

One of our biggest hurdles was developing the web software. We wanted to create an incredible online experience to our clients so that uploading and download their files, checking an order status and contacting their team of editors directly. Our designer, Liam started the incredibly laborious task of designing each of the 100 or so pages of the site – from the invoice you download, to the notification icons that let you know when you have an order ready. Each of these individual elements then had to be exported and sent to the web developer to implement within the website.
The journey to getting this company off the ground has been an incredible one. It was more difficult than we could have ever managed, but thanks to an incredible team we’ve made it a reality. We’re so excited to be working with more and more clients from across the world as we give them someone to lean on when the workload gets too much!