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Consistency and a personal service is the foundation of what we do. Welcome to Freedom.



Choose from 2 levels of service – Basic or Advanced editing

Basic allows you to have your preset applied and provides you with an on brand, consistent look with light cropping and straightening while utilising all of the ‘basic’ module adjustments within Lightroom.

Advance unleashes the full potential of Lightroom by combining the basic service and all of the tools within Lightroom on the images that need additional work (max 25% of the catalog). With one of our completely custom plans, you’ll also take advantage of our super fast, 7 day turnaround time for all cull and edit orders!

(Pssst! If you’re looking for an even faster turnaround, why not check out our Express Service? – 3 day cull + edit!)


Culling is the perfect compliment to our editing service and is handled and performed by the same team that handle your edits. Having someone cull your images is a daunting task but the Freedom process delivers every single time.

We cull the images to our perfected formula, combining the ‘essentials’ with the heartfelt, emotional and natural images that other companies often miss. All this is done within the amount of images you’d like to deliver to your client.

Our customers who also opt for culling, notice a 43% increase in time saving aswell as an all around improvement in general business productivity compared to editing alone.

How It Works

The process of getting started couldn’t be simpler. Just 5 easy steps to get on the road to Freedom.


Simply hit the ‘Get Started’ button at the top of this page to get registered and book in your onboarding call where you’ll show one of our onboarding experts exactly how you edit and 

Your Consult

When you sign up with Freedom you meet with an onboarding expert via video call. During this call you will share your screen and show us exactly how you edit. Don’t worry, the account handler will ask you questions and guide you through every step of this simple consultation. 

Your Test

Post meeting you’ll send over your test catalogue of approximately 20 images. These images will be edited within 5 days and sent back to you for feedback and approval.


Test images not quite right? Let’s keep going and get this right, we’ll turn them around ultra quick.


Happy? Perfect. we’ll get you set-up and ready to place orders.

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Why Trust Freedom?

Freedom was built by photographers for photographers, to provide a personal end to end service with maximum consistency.

Want to know about our payment options?

We’re flexible! Choose whether you want to pay per image or whether you want to receive even more benefits by opting for our monthly plan.

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