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Meet Sally.

Host of Ninja Cast Podcast
Ninja Cast is produced by Studio Ninja – an innovative studio management software built for photographers & videographers. Listen and learn as Sally and her guests help you build your brand, discover new marketing ideas, refine your systems and workflows and inspire you to grow a sustainable photography business all while enjoying a healthy work / life balance.

Ryan is the owner of a Wedding Photography and Film studio, as well as being the co-founder and CEO of image outsourcing company, Freedom Edits. His photography studio quickly developed an associate brand shooting 200+ weddings a year. After trying all the image editing outsourcing solutions out there, it became clear that there were consistency and culling issues across the board and something had to change.

Freedom Edits became the solution to hundreds of photographers worldwide in 2016 and Freedom quickly became known for its quality, client experience and ability to replicate each of its client’s editing aesthetics.

“We don’t need to be the first we need to be remarkable”

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