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Your Next Steps


Your test images have been submitted to an editor! They will now work on editing your images and perfecting your editing style. You will receive your completed test images back within 3 working days from the day you submitted them. An email notification will be sent once they’re ready to view.

Give Feedback

Once you have reviewed your Test Edit, we encourage you to leave as much feedback as you’d like on your images through our Freedom proofing system. At this point, you’ll be able to click on specific parts of your image(s) to comment on whether you prefer it to be darker, lighter, etc.

Approve Edits

We are happy to make revisions to your images until you are satisfied with the editing style. After every round of revisions, you’ll be notified once the images are again ready to view. Your feedback is essential to this perfecting process. Once you are happy with the test images, you’ll give final approval and now be ready to submit your first order.

Submit Orders

It’s time to enjoy Freedom! Send in your first order and go and do something you love while we work on your business for you!
Feel free to repeat that happy dance after each order submission. We do one each time an order comes in!
A message from our CEO and Co-Founder

Our offices are closed for the holiday season.

Any orders placed between the 17th of December to the 5th of January will scheduled upon our return.