The Freedom Way

‘The Freedom Way’ is what makes us different. Check out the 6 pillars of the incredible service we provide below.

Dedicated Account Handler.

Our monthly customers benefit from the luxury of having access to the same person who knows their account and style inside and out. Want personal 1 to 1 service? Come and meet your new best friend! The account handler team was formed out of the desire the founding team felt when outsourcing their images. The issues of not having anyone to relay feedback to about things (good and bad) are no more, pick up the phone, email or book a video call with your account handler whenever you need, they’re here for you. Our account handlers are only available on monthly plans and although you still receive exceptional service on our pay per image plans, our account handlers are a single point of contact or reference to continue conversation.

Speedy On-boarding

The Freedom Way was developed to create the most simplest, efficient and in-depth way to start you outsourcing your wedding images right away. Perfectly matching your style with incredible consistency after a simple video call. When you sign up with Freedom you meet with an account handler via ZOOM. During this call you will share your screen and show us exactly how you edit your images in varying lighting conditions. No guessing, no subjectivity, just straight to the point, visual confirmation of exactly what you want. Don’t worry, the account handler will ask you questions and guide you through every step of the consultation. These consultations usually last approximately 30 minutes. In this time the account handler will get a better sense of you and your business and how we can best service you. This is the only way we accept new customers is through this process. We want to learn about you and we want to make sure we get that style right straight off the bat!

Customer Success Team

If you choose to use our pay per image service and not our monthly, you will not receive a dedicated account handler but you will still be able to pick up the phone, drop us an email or even start a video call with our incredible team of customer success representatives. For us, open communication is everything! We’ve created a team to be available to meet your every need and see that you’re getting the best experience on this planet. After your initial new customer call, if you choose to use our pay per image service, you will be introduced to this team. This team is the same one that will get your questions answered before your call with an account handler.

Flexible Pricing

Don’t make your choice of outsourcing company based on how you can pay! Freedom is flexible. Use our pay per image plans or get a tonne of benefits and discount with our flexible monthly plans. Our monthly subscription customers can now take advantage of a super fast 7 working day turnaround for all cull and edit orders!

Quick Turnaround

Want your images back in a flash? Our editing turnarounds can be guaranteed within 5 days for our monthly customers and 7 for pay per image. You can even receive a full cull and edit within 7 days with if you’re on a monthly plan!

Our monthly customers get the added benefit of a quicker turnaround of within 5 working days for a cull or edit order compared to the still extremely quick 7 working days of our pay per image customers. Monthly customers can also take advantage of our new standard 7 working day turnaround for a cull + edit order! But, if you’re looking for a service that is even quicker than all of these, we have our Express Service aimed at event and commercial photographers looking for lightening quick delivery times. Have an event culled and edited in just 3 days!

End to End Process

Want to completely streamline your business while maintaining the same level of precision and care? We can take your images from cull to delivery in just a few clicks. Freedom is able to cull, edit, sequence, export and upload to your favourite proofing gallery all in just one order. So sit back and relax. We’ve got this.

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