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Meet Vanessa.

Amazing Photographer, Educator, Author and Canon Explorer of Light.
Here’s the truth, outsourcing is never easy. You have to let go of control, teach someone your style, and then continue a relationship that grows along with your business. But what you get back is something that no one else can give you: time.
“I felt completely at ease working with people that wanted to see me succeed and really be a part of my artistic process.”
Now it’s as easy as pie! I get home from a wedding (exhausted) and fill out the simplest order form in the entire world, upload my images, and voila! I wait to see the final pictures uploaded to my online galleries for my clients to enjoy. No more culling photos for hours, or editing pictures when I should be working on other key parts of my business (like marketing or shooting). I have the time to be creative, spend time with my family, or heck – just have a little time for me.
“Every aspect of what they’re doing is top-notch and they whole-heartedly CARE about you and your images!”

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Don’t worry, we won’t do anything embarrassing like sharing your baby photos to your new bae…

This isn’t a one-size fits all program. It’s designed to fit the needs of your business and personal life.

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