Account History for Video Editing

View account history, pay invoices, leave feedback and contact your acccount handler on all orders that have been submitted in the last 60 days. Please note: Order status does take a couple of minutes to update after payment is made.  We welcome all feedback once the order has been completed and  please remember you are only able to leave feedback once per order. Use the Order Query button to ask your account handler a direct question about an order in particular. This should not be used for general questions about the Freedom services. View & Pay Invoice is available for our Pay Per Order clients.  No invoices are generated for our FAM™ Members.

Order Statuses

Order Received – We have received your order and it will be processed on the next business day
In Progress – Your editing is currently in progress
Completed – Your order is ready to be downloaded
File Error – There is a problem with your upload. We will have sent you an email detailing the error
FAM Pay Failure The recent payment on your account was not successful. You order will not be started until this is rectified