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Unbreakable Trust

Freedom is the home of image outsourcing with a personal service and beautifully consistent results every time.

Don’t worry, we’re photographers ourselves, we know exactly how you feel about your work. Whether you’ve never outsourced an image in your life or you’re experienced and are looking to find a better alternative, we’ve got this!

Come Find Freedom.

Freedom was built by photographers for photographers. We’ve felt the pain your experiencing and it took us a long time to find the solution. Thankfully you don’t need to wait any longer! No more having to sit at your desk all day, being constantly chased by clients or having that weight on your shoulders, come see why we started Freedom Edits.

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James Day

Freedom from editing. That’s what I have.

The night before my Dad passed away he said to me “Don’t just get a desk job. Go and do something you love”. Sitting at a desk, editing, isn’t why I became a photographer. Outsourcing was a no brainer for me.

Freedom are quick, consistent and reliable.
Everything I’ve been looking for!

What We do

Personalised Image Culling & Editing, exactly to your studio style.


Remove duplicates, blurry images and the unnecessary. For a perfectly streamlined process, take advantage of our culling service.


Choose from our basic or advanced services to receive your images back quickly, with incredible consistency, and accurate to your studio style.Join the workflow revolution.

Why Trust Freedom?

Freedom was built by photographers for photographers, to provide a personal end-to-end service with beautiful consistency.

Flexible Pricing

Don’t choose an editing company based on how you can pay! Freedom is flexible, use our pay per image plan or take advantage of exclusive benefits and discounts with our flexible monthly plans.

Account Handler

Our monthly customers benefit from the luxury of having access to the same person who knows their business and style inside out. Want a personal 1-to-1 service? Come and meet your new best friend!

Video Consultation

The Freedom Way was developed to create the most simple and efficient means for you to start outsourcing your wedding images right away! After one video call, watch us perfectly match your style with incredible consistency.


Consistency – you’ll see that word a whole lot around this site. Why? Because the foundation of this business was built on incredible image consistency and an exceptional, accessible service.

As photographers ourselves, we yearned for an editing company which gave us the ability to pick up the phone and speak to an actual person to discuss our needs. We also wanted to receive edited catalogues back that were consistent not just throughout that job, but every job, all year, every year.

Freedom was made for photographers, by photographers.

Image Editing partner to thousands of photographers worldwide.