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What we offer.



We’ll cut out all the WTF faces from the best man, make sure the MOH looks happy for the bride, and we’ll only keep the really drunk guests that know how to dance.

One Minute Trailer

Perfect for sharing on social media, and getting your clients excited about seeing their wedding film. These short and sweet films turn your client into your own personal marketing team.

Highlight Film

No matter the length of your highlight, or the style in which you choose to tell it, the film will be heavy on storytelling. Because great storytelling is kind of our thing.

Documentary Film

Linear storytelling that’s rawer and less produced than a highlight reel. This film condenses a full day of shooting into a 60-90 minute feature film, featuring full ceremony, speeches, and special dances.

Ceremony Edit

Can be added to any order or included in a bundle.
A full ceremony edit is available for that couple who wants a video to remember their vows by.

Speeches Edit

Sometimes the Best Man’s speech isn’t a total disaster. For couples that want to remember their toasts, good or bad, this is available for an add on to a bundled package.

Cultural Ceremonies

We are familiar with the unique nuances that come with different cultural traditions. From tea ceremonies to the signing of a ketubah, or vows being shared under a  chuppah or a mandap.

Maybe you film multiple-day events such as a sangeet, mehndi party, and baraat from an Indian wedding, or you specialize in coming of age celebrations like quinceaneras, and bar or bat mitzvahs. We know how to honor the cultural traditions of the day while crafting a story that shares it.

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Flexible Packages

Bundle the services that fit your brand and shooting style. Add ons are available so you can create custom packages based on the needs of your clients.

Dedicated Account Handler

Personalized 1 on 1 service is the cornerstone of our video editing service. You will have someone who knows your name, knows your brand, and your favorite coffee order. Just kidding, but they will know how to create a video that looks like it came directly from your production floor. Come and meet your new best friend!

Video Consultation

The Freedom Way was developed to create the most simple and efficient means for you to start outsourcing your wedding films right away! After one video call, we are confident we can match your style with incredible consistency.

Our Dedicated Video Team

Our video editing team is made up of some of the brightest video talent we could find. They have in-depth experience in not just the wedding industry, but everything from film and television to content production for large brands. From cinematic wedding films to commercial content, we can literally produce anything you want to create.

Your options are endless.

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We keep things simple when it comes to pricing but we can edit up to any minute increment you need. Whether you deliver highlight films from the full day, or only ceremony & speeches, we have pricing options and custom proposals available. We even have quotes for multi-day cultural events!

Pricing for our most popular edits
1 Minute Highlight Reel
5 Minute Highlight Reel
8 Minute Highlight Reel
10 Minute Highlight Reel
20 Minute Highlight Reel
45 Minute Feature
60 Minute Feature
75 Minute Feature
90 Minute Feature
120 Minute Feature
5 Minute Hightlight
+ Ceremony & Speeches
10 Minute Hightlight
+ Ceremony & Speeches
15 Minute Highlight
+ Ceremony & Speeches
5 Minute + 1 Minute
+ Ceremony & Speeches
10 Minute + 1 Minute
+ Ceremony & Speeches

Heard about
the FAM™?

We are family….come on, sing it with us! We know you hear it at enough weddings, you have the lyrics down!

Seriously though, we want you to join our FAM™ (Freedom Annual Membership)

Just like a real family, we are made up of all different shapes and sizes. We have different memberships to fit your business needs.


Your 12-month commitment saves up to 30% off all services!


We take care of the FAM with faster turnaround times


No cap on monthly orders


Now offering Photo AND Video Editing bundles!


12 equal payments to make planning business expenses easier. Try us commitment free for 30 days, or your first 3 orders, whichever comes first!

Onboarding process

Pull up a chair, grab a drink and hop on a call with us!

Be prepared to lay out your process and storytelling approach so we can accurately show that in your edited film. We want to know the moments you live for capturing, and which ones we should leave on the cutting room floor (like drunk Cousin Ingrid hitting on the best man…)

 Your onboarding call is a casual yet guided conversation. We’ll ask you some questions to help us get it right, and want to answer any you might have as well. Prior to our video call, send us a link to one of your favorite films for us to view. This will help direct our communication about your editing style and give us a feel for your storytelling.

 Finally, you’ll send your first film over for us to edit for free (told you we’d be your new best friend) and we will put what we learned during our call to the test. You’ll have an opportunity to share your feedback if there are things you would like to see done differently, and if adjustments are needed we will make them.




Using the “onboard” button below. Schedule your onboarding call with our video editors where we can learn more about your editing style.


Upload footage or share a link to your footage from Dropbox or similar platforms.



You sit back and relax and we’ll edit your film in 15 working days and send it to you for review.


Review the completed film and provide feedback to your dedicated account handler on what you love (or didn’t) about the edit. Once satisfied with the revisions approve for final delivery.



Once satisfied with the revisions, send approval for final delivery. We’ll upload the completed film(s) along with all the files associated with your project.


Enjoy it! You just started the journey to more free time, more time to invest in your business and more time to focus on what matters most to you.

Your questions answered.

What editing software do you use?
We use Premiere Pro as our main editing software. We do not edit in Final Cut Pro but we can export an XML file from Premiere Pro which can be imported into Final Cut for you to work with.
Will I receive an MP4 file and the project file?
Yes, you will receive an MP4 file and the project file with each order.
How do I send my footage to you?
After your onboarding call we will setup a Dropbox folder for you to upload your footage.

*Pro tip – Dropbox Plus/Pro is needed for uploading and sharing large amounts of footage*

Alternatively, if you already have your footage uploaded to cloud storage service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive etc please just share the folder with your account handler email after the call.

Do you choose the music for the edit?
You know the groove that gets your clients on the dance floor better than we do, so we ask that you choose the music for your edit. Having that ready lets us start the order as soon as we receive all the files and minimizes any revisions.
What if I’m not happy with the editing?
We work with you to learn your editing style and thought process to replicate it consistently. And for peace of mind, when you sign your contract, there is a 28 day commitment-free period. During this period you only pay for the work you have us edit, and you can cancel anytime within that first 4 weeks of service.
What’s your turnaround time?
Our standard turnaround time for video editing is 15 working days.
Am I assigned an editor?
Each member of our FAM has a dedicated Account Handler that knows your style inside out and manages a small team of editors dedicated to you and your studio. With a small dedicated team of editors, we are able to handle influxes of workload without sacrificing turnaround time. Your account handler will review each order for consistency.

If you’re on Pay Per Order, you are not assigned an account handler. We’ll still go through the process of learning how you edit but when you submit an order, it will go to the next available editor.

Can you explain how Flexible Payments work?

Freedom comes from balance and that’s just what you get with our FAM 12-month pricing. You pay the same price each month, no matter how crazy your schedule might be. When you choose one of our FAM™ collections there is no maximum of orders you can submit to us. 

Should the booking gods smile down on you, and your event load increases, you can purchase additional credits throughout the year as needed.

How will you be able to match my style?
Getting it right is kind of our thing! During your onboarding call, we will work with you to learn your process, create an editing profile, and define your storytelling approach. Your first film edit with us is free, so you can feel confident we will work hard to earn your trust. In fact, we won’t just match your style, we will replicate your work.

During this first edit is your opportunity to provide feedback on what you liked and what we need to do differently. Your communication with us makes this a successful partnership.

What happens if I want changes made to my film?
We allow for one round of changes to your film. If we haven’t matched your style correctly and it’s missing something that you told us in our onboarding call, we will make those changes you request until it matches your style. We don’t edit bride and groom requests.
What happens if I want to change my style?
If an edit has already been completed, we will assess your requests and give you a quote on costs for a re-edit before beginning to make any changes. If you are changing your style prior to submitting a new film, we will schedule a zoom call to go over these changes and create a new profile that better fits the direction your storytelling is going.
How do public holidays affect my turnaround times?

We are closed for 8 holidays a year that are observed in the UK.  You will always receive reminder communications leading up to those dates with detailed information on when to submit your work in order to receive it back before closures. This way, you will be able to communicate with your clients beforehand and adjust their expectations to include any delays in viewing their final product.  Holidays observed in the UK are New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day,  Spring Bank Holiday,  Christmas and Boxing Day.  Our offices are typically closed over the Christmas – New Year holiday but you’ll be notified of those dates in advanced.

Once Like a Spark

“Freedom Edits and their amazingly talented team have quite literally given us the freedom to continue to grow our company over the past year with total confidence. We now have a centralized aesthetic and it’s magnificent to have total confidence that our end product will always be exactly what we were hoping for. We have nearly doubled our sales in the past year, and it is 100% because of Freedom and the stunning work they create for our clients.”

Chris Spice Films

“I LOVE this film, it’s everything I thought their film should be and exactly my style.”

Hawaii Wedding Photographers

“I knew you guys were good. I didn’t know you guys would be great. It was such an awesome wedding film. Some of our team thought that our normal editor made it. There was a bunch of things that gave us that vibe and I was blown away. If this is how all our future films can turn out, we’d be a happy clients forever.”



Dedicated Account Handler

that knows your style

Onboarding Calls

with real-life cinematographers who know how hard it is to let go of creative control

Customer Success Team

that is here to ensure you really are successful

Payment options that fit your business

Flexible is our middle name. Just kidding, it’s consistency, but we have plans that make trusting Freedom a smart financial decision.

Turnaround time of 15 working days


End to end process

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