This is us. Smiling, happy people who work hard to empower your business. 

This is Ryan.

Co-founder & CEO

If you’ve seen me on the dance floor, you might have a hard time believing that I used to be terrible in social situations. Don’t let my signature dance move fool you, I’m just as happy at home snuggled with my pup Lucca, watching Grey’s Anatomy with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food.

I believe everyone is on this earth for a purpose.
Something they’re meant to do or become (figuring out what that is, ya that’s the hard bit) but I believe you can actively shape your future, even with the most incremental changes each day. And if that doesn’t work, so many things in life can be solved over a shared bottle of Prosecco (or three) with your best friends.

Wanna know the way to my heart? Ask me about my plants, and if you don’t, that’s ok…I have a knack for inserting them into every conversation.

“I love a good party! There’s something infectious about people living their best life.  The music, dance floor and a few Vodkas – I’m set for the night.”


Eight years ago Ryan & Jake were just two photographers with a dream of working fewer weekends. Both had already built thriving photography businesses on their own but their dream of employing a badass associate team was a dream that was even more exciting! Joining forces was a no brainer. They had the hustle and determination down but with growth, came countless hours spent wading through the post-production backlog. Success was dragging them into the swampy waters of photographer’s burn out.

Late nights. Zero Social Life. Sacrificing time with family.

Post-production was literally drowning the dream they started their business around. Editing was sucking up every waking moment, leaving nothing for the marketing and networking needed to keep growing.

Something had to change. And fast.

Then as the light of morning came to interrupt another late-night editing session the ding of an email brought a glimmer of hope. An outsourcing company! It seemed too good to be true – a company that would edit your work, Yes please!

We’ll save you deets, but in short, it wasn’t the answer they were looking for. And neither was the next service they tried or the one after that. But now, their business had grown to 150+ weddings a year and the stakes were higher. Poorly done edits weren’t saving them time, and those late-night editing sessions fixing the work they’d paid to have done were starting to pile up.

Why was it so hard to find consistent editing that didn’t compromise on quality and speed?

Frustration and desperation led to another late night work session, but this time, it was flushing out the bones for providing an editing service for photographers that actually worked. And just like that Freedom Edits was born.

“We knew that the only way to find a kind of service we longed for, was to create and build the company ourselves.”

We have been helping photographers since 2016 with Fast Turnaround, Quality Edits, Affordable Service and Clear Communication. Together, those spell Freedom (ok, so spelling isn’t our thing, but lucky for you, we are really good at editing!)



I tried out for X-Factor in high school and actually made it through the first two rounds!


I was once scouted by a California college football program (That’s American Football for you Brits) while shopping at a Walmart in Indianapolis. Ain’t America grand?


Gigs and festivals are my favorite way to holiday. I’ve been to 100’s of concerts! From Beyonce to Slipknot!


I once held hands with Adele. Actually I just touched her, but it was broadcast on TV, so that’s close right?


I have a special voice I use to talk to my dogs, Brookie & Pennie. I literally don’t know how to speak to them in a normal voice.